[135] ~*Mon – 12/04/17*~

[12:41 pm]

I’m not sure at what time hub came to bed but it was before day time as it was still dark so I didn’t check the time. Looks like he hadn’t closed the door properly as one of the cat got in bed a while after which at that time there was light outside so I decided to look at my phone, hoping my first client had cancelled as I wanted to cry for that 14 hrs day. I have somewhat of a sore throat. No luck though and it was five mins before my alarm. Gosh! I decided to push it back 10 mins, still in hope that my client would cancel as she had done so 10 mins before the time last week. Of course, alarm goes off and no such luck so I just wasted 10 mins. I get ready in a rush and of course lovely snow outside. It’s quite beautiful but that means I need another five mins to clean my car which I really don’t have. That said, got to my client 10 mins late, so I call the office to have them call her and what.. she cancels. Blah! So I drove all the way there for her to cancel. I hate when they do that as yes I get paid as it’s a late cancel but they don’t pay my mileage for getting there so a bit annoying. At least I got to go back to bed for almost two hours. I was gonna try to stay up but I really didn’t feel up for it. I felt sorta sick-ish this morning. My sore throat, plus started a headache and of course my sore back from working at the store yesterday. I hate Mondays with a passion. First, I have a hard time with my back on that day. Second, it’s a long ass day. Third, I get so exhausted that even if I’m off on Tue I never stay up any later and sleep till late on Tue. 

Hub is so nice. He did supper AND he did the dishes last night. I don’t know what’s wrong with him as he NEVER does the dishes but it was really nice of him and I really appreciate.

For some weird reason my garden doors started bugging me. I feel like it’s too open. I need to put some curtains or something.

Anyways, I felt like writing a little as I am at the library with a client. Still not looking forward my night at the store.




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