So Friday around lunchtime at work I noticed that I was unable to take a deep breath of air without horrible pain in my rib on my left side.  I was getting phone calls from the research rn about  my over the top liver enzyme levels that would prevent me from getting accepted in the stud and she wanted me to have more blood work  after a fast.  During the back and forth phone calls I mentioned what was happening with my chest pain and breathing difficulties.  She asked when I would be done at work and if it wasn’t better by them to get myself to the er to get checked.  Mid afternoon I was having  difficulty getting a good breath of air so I called my husband to come and get me and take me to the er.  They did blood work multiple times and a ct scan to rule out broken or fractured rib and blood clots.  Didn’t get home until 10pm.  Sunday I was still hurting and Monday I had to go to the cancer center for a blood draw and then to an appointment with my pcp.  Got more pain meds and was told if it isn’t better in 7-10 days I needed to call  back.  Also the pain was also on my right side (the liver side).  .  My doctor brought up disability.  This is the first time this was brought up with me.  I probably need to give it some thought.  It will take time to get the blood results and figure out the next step be it the study trial or something else.  My liver enzymes are 2 times higher than they should be on 2 tests and 4 times higher on another test.  My legs are hurting me more and more too along with the ongoing eye issue and the itchiness.

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