You hurt me

You showed me nothing but disrespect

and I am not sure what you expect.

Am I suppose to sit here and listen to the lies you continue to feed?

Because if that is what you think, I am not sure we can precede.

You have caused me pain I hoped I never would feel.

And honestly, I am unsure if I will be able to heal.

The worst part about it all

is that you keep causing our relationship to snowball.

By lying…

and verifying..

That your own needs are more important than me

and for lack of a better term, I find that pretty crappy.

I deserve a man who treats me right

someone who will dance with me in the moonlight

and make me feel like I am respected

Personally, I feel that should have been expected.

I hope you realize that I am half way out the door

because I’m not sure I love you anymore.

You showed me nothing but disrespect.

I am not sure what you expect.

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