This is fun

I should write stories here or at least pretend to be a version of me i can stand. Aren’t you amazed by those women that take care of everything and everyone?empathy right?I tend towards the selfish i guess. My mom says so.  Just don’t like to be bothered by other people. In this version my hair is fabulous. Full long wavy hair. The weather just makes my hair more fking fabulous. I am one of those people who wake up cute. No makeup no comb.  So I take myself on a bike ride. A nice hilly dirt trail. Have a coffee later and read a good book at the cafe –the one near the university where I do medical research on longevity. I expiment a lot on mice and myself ,which is why I look like I am 26 now and for years to come. 26 is a great age. Not so dumb anymore and your whole life ahead of you. Conquer the world. I play soccer on Saturdays and some weeknights. I love men who are good at soccer. I adore men who are good fathers and love their dogs. I adore men who adore their wives.  I am witty and kind and I make my loving husband happy. Or maybe I am single. Yes I will make him happy when I meet him but for now flings with interesting people. I look great in my bikini. I love to swim at the beach. I go down to the water at sunset to swim and see dolphins swimming. I love seabirds. I have a friend who invites me out on his boat sometimes. We anchor off various keys and eat at bay side restaurants,my hair is fabulous! Yes I do go home with a particular sweaty soccer player occasionally and I also enjoy a good time on the boat off shore at sunrise or set–whatever.  I have friends i meet for drinks sometimes. We are single and just like each other’s company. I never attend family functions. No wait i always attend family functions tions. I love my parents my mom is so funny and active. She loves her champion great danes. I go to shows with her when I can. And dad is the very definition of a father. Good advice powerful,lifesaving hugs. My brothers are also great people. I love my sister in law and my boatload of nieces and nephews. And dad and mom are archeologists. Don’t even get them started talking about that new underfunded site in Turkey.  Read my research paper and I’ll read yours Dad! Oh mom you just got back from Israel,let’s just go to Thad s house for dinner and hangout with the kids. Well I got to go walk chip and Sophie at the marsh before it gets too late. Love you. Wait till we meet my amazing husband. He wants lots of children like my brother Thad and his wife. He’s an editor now but he is working on his own novel. He loves soccer and jogging with his faithful mutt, Ajax. He plays guitar in the evenings on the porch. He can feel me in the world it won’t be long now…




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