I am exhausted, I worked yesterday from 12:30pm until about 11:18pm. People at my job are always late. I worked with Leah the nurse last night, she helped with dinner and did the med pass but other than that she didn’t do anything else. I work in memory care with about 12 to 13 residents and 8 of them need p.m. care. the others do for them self basically I just have to check on them from time to time. The nurses at my job don’t like to get their hands dirty they think they are to good because they have a license.  The only nurse that does is Juan, he is the absolute best. He will toilet some one, give showers and on top of do his own work. When I came in I worked with Lisa she is about 4 or 5 months pregnant she is due in may of next year. Nice girl but I don’t prefer to work with her. I feel when I work with her she does not pull her own weight. I end up doing all the work but she had left at 3. later that evening  I had my partners in crime Juan and Shanice and when our work was finished we sat for about 15 minutes and  reminisced about the bullshit that goes on there. They make working there tolerable because of them that is why I stay.. because of the good ones… and the some of my favorite residents.  I forgot to turn in the keys before I came home and had to turn right back around to turn them in I was so pissed with my self. maybe I needed the ride to clear my head all things happen for a reason. I wont be doing that again. when I got home though I discovered my mother in-law texted me. she wants to see my son.. but I don’t know if I want her too. she has not seen him since he was 6 months old and he is 14 months now. she is negative, manipulative, and a big liar. she believes her own lies and plants seeds of doubt in my husbands head. hence we are not together now.. I’m tired of it all. I’m mentally and physically drained.. I have a lot to think about     

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