[136] ~*Tue – 12/05/17*~

[9:44 pm]

Of course I had to wake up sick today. I had planned on playing that new Mario game on the Switch with hub but I was too sick to do anything. I knew I was going to be sick cause I had started a sore throat yesterday. I got home from work at like 11 pm and just went straight to bed. Didn’t even read, watch a show or played my game. I slept till 2:15 pm today and only got out of bed cause I had my foot care but I cancelled cause I didn’t feel well at all. Hub made me some chicken soup which I ate and then I went back to bed from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm. I need to take a shower cause my hair is eww but I don’t have much energy. I’m hungry so I sent hub to go get some McDonald’s. It’s prob not a good idea but I’m hungry. I guess I should prob hop in the shower while I wait for him to get back home so at least that would be done. I’m not feeling any where close to 100% better yet but I do feel better than this afternoon as my throat isn’t as sore anymore. I can actually speak a little, this afternoon I couldn’t as every time I would try it would make me feel like puking. I just hope I feel better tomorrow and don’t have to lose a day of work. This is just showing me that I work too much, my body gets too tired and catch illness. The crazy ass manager at the store wants me to work on my Tue’s night to help out for Xmas time, she’s nuts. I surely am not, I’m already sick and it’s just the beginning of Dec. This is not going great for me at all. Flue Shot my damn ass!!

I ended up going to the Casino with my friend between jobs yesterday. Mom had $40 of free money which I made $70 with it. Bouhaha! My poor friend only had $5 and of course she didn’t make any. The worse part, I had one spin left, as I wanted to get $30 out, so I asked her to make it and OMG, she got the bonus and got $40 from it but it was my game. We laughed so much. I wanted to give her $20 but in the end I didn’t cause she got out of my car too quickly when I drove her back home.




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