138.8 pounds

That’s what I weighed this morning (day before was 138.6) and  I bought a rotisserie whole chicken from the market yesterday, I’ve learned to portion my meals so I eat only half then next day eat the other half.  Normally I would gain 1-2 pounds having it for dinner.  This time I gained 0.2 pounds that’s it.  [I would be suspicious my scale was broken again, but yeah I have 2 scales and the other one makes me lighter.]  So okay I’m happy to reward myself with this meal! rotisserie chicken. mmmm mmm mm can I say how delicious it was, I savored eating the skin and that rotisserie smell is so aromatic.  I added a teriyaki ginger sauce glaze for added flavor and calories, cuz I don’t want to lose weight too quickly!  The only thing that was missing was maybe 2 scoops rice and 1 scoop mac salad. 

I haven’t had a plate lunch in a long time.  I used to have a plate lunch everyday, sometimes one for lunch and one for dinner (2x per day) and geee  I haven’t gone to a burger joint for even longer.  I learned to go market and cook my own meals from scratch, it is healthier and less calories and you get bigger portions too.  I love cooking, I’m not real good but enough to impress myself.  And I’m the one who has to eat it.. besides my boyfriend haha but he loves my healthy meals =)

Thank you greater divine power, I am finally starting to enjoy life a little bit.  I’m aging and that scares me because I notice little things about myself aging.  Within the next 9 years I’ll be 60 years old.  Unbelievable.  Wasn’t I just a young teenage 15 year old girl the other week??

What would I say about my life?  I’ve been extremely blessed and lucky.

Would anything come to my funeral?

Probably not.

Ask me if I care.  “Do you care?” 

My answer:  Fucking bloody ell.  I won’t know either way so NAY! har har har and a big bud of marijuawana.

Goodnite, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.  Love you.

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