I ran last night with a new group. It was really nice.  All great people. The coach I worked with is awesome. An older woman.  Inspiring. This group has you commit to running 6 days per week. Yikes! Short runs for 5 of them but still – 6 days! I hope I can commit.  I’m already thinking that today isn’t going to happen.  I didn’t get up this morning. The afternoon and evening are already full.  The only time available will be after we get back from D’s concert at like 8:30. Hmmm……

After I went home yesterday I instantly felt the tension leave my neck. I got some groceries. Then went to the hardware store for some things I needed to do the outside lights. I hung the wreaths. Strung some lights.  I felt so good about getting it done.  It definitely needs some tweaking, but it looks festive. I got some window candles for H.  He says he wants them almost every year and we never seem to get them. They weren’t cheap but they look really nice.  After that I did some cleaning inside. It was a disaster in there.  The cleaning gave me a sense of accomplishment as well.  A sense of accomplishment……that’s what my job lacks.  I don’t feel like I ever accomplish anything. There is stuff to do, but I find all of it so tedious. Boring. 

L sent a pic. I responded. I am going to try to not let this consume me. But it is.

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