Get Out Alive

Weight this morning: 51.6kg

I actually did quite a lot today! I took Harry to the doctors this morning to get his prescription renewed and I discussed more about Harry’s eczema, but the doctor said that it’s not uncommon for eczema to get worse at winter time as the skin tends to get drier…I’ve heard this a few times before so yeah the doctor probably has a good point. Harry’s skin is such hard work as now he’s two and a half he can’t stand me putting the creams on him and he tries to run away, or fall to the floor, crawl away, hide in his wardrobe- anything to get away!!

When I dropped Harry off at nursery this afternoon (he goes 1-4pm) I told the nursery staff about my massive fail attempt at starting off his potty training…I packed a standard nappy and nappy pants in his bag and requested that they also try put the nappy pants on him because with me he just goes completely bonkers and won’t even let me put a standard nappy on him. One of the staff managed it!! I swear Harry is so much better behaved with everyone else but me and it worries me that maybe he sees me as weak and realises he can get away with bad behaviour with me, urgh 🙁 Harry’s health visitor said it was because I was his primary care giver and he was closest to me so therefore he feels more comfortable and safe to show bad behaviour with me…I do hope it is that reason 🙁

Once I dropped Harry off at nursery I took the car to the cleaners and got it washed and vacuumed on the inside with a nice air freshener too :p Then I went to Asdas to return a pair of Harry’s slippers because he just won’t wear them so I didn’t want them to be just a waste, also I got some things Harry needed and searched for the smart Christmas outfit thing my mum was requesting but couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t really find anything on either. So I bought an elf jumper which makes the person wearing it look like they are wearing an elf costume and it was actually a hoody with the elf ears on the hood. I explained to mum that I just couldn’t find anything like we both had in mind so she settled for it thank goodness! She never looks impressed with anything my father and I do these days, never.

When I came back from Asdas I had to sort out the washing and getting it all dry and putting it all away and yeah it just ends up taking ages! Then I picked Harry back up at 4pm and he’s still always very happy to see me which is nice 🙂

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