People can’t be bothered to help unless it’s a happy event

What I’ve learned this past year after my dad going to the nursing home and even after posting on Facebook about how distraught and depressed about¬† my dad not being at home anymore, people can’t be bothered to comment or react to the post. Hell, they didn’t even bother to text, call or im me. However, if it’s a post about going to the park or a happy event like marriage, I get tons of likes, comments, calls, etc.

Maybe I’m not like most people. If you’re my friend, I will be there through thick and thin. If you’re at the park, I’ll react and comment on your post. If one of your parents is in the hospital or you’re depressed, I will contact you through im, phone or text after I comment. I will ask you what needs to be done or how I can help you. I will be there through the good and bad times.

This year has been especially helpful with figuring out who people really are. It’s women perpetuating the gender roles. If a man were to come home and divorce his wife because he’s not happy or go for a newer model, all of his male friends would congratulate him or keep their mouths shut while secretly wishing they were him. HOWEVER, when a woman says she wants a divorce because she’s not happy or if he cheated on her, other women tell her to wait it out, maybe the husband will change.

My question is, why is it that in this day and age with women making as much as men and working as much as men, women are still expected to sacrifice their happiness for the sake of “marriage is forever” while the men can do whatever they want?

Women shaming other women while they go around complaining men can’t commit. Straight up bullshit. Women should be boosting each other up, not putting each other down. Men support each other or keep their mouths shut. The only reason men can get away with their bullshit is because a woman does not get the support of other women when she calls out her man’s bullshit attitude. In fact, the other women are lurking in the corner waiting to pounce on her newly single man.

If I ever do have a daughter, I will be telling her to don’t give a shit what others think. You are you’re own person. Call people out on their bullshit and if they continue walk away. You don’t need anyone’s support because at the end of the day you only answer to yourself and you support yourself financially. No one supports you so no one’s opinions should matter but yours alone.

As for if I have a son, I will be calling out his bullshit. If he wants to be a stubborn bull, he better be able to handle his own. None of this mama’s boy.

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