Private Life of a House of Five (Xemera) Bullies

This. This right here is exactly why Sir keeps us at a distance from normal society. I know a lot of you are probably thinking he’s abusive, but he does what he does because he cares about us. A lot more than what people think. 

Today, Sir and I went together to do a bit of Christmas shopping. We were walking along minding our own business when I noticed a small group of girls whispering to a guy. I waved at them and they smiled back, so I didn’t think anything of it until the guy walked up to me. 

This guy was good looking I’ll give him that, but what happened next was ugly on all kinds of levels. He told me I was pretty and that he’d love to take me out sometime and I told him thank you and was about to decline since Sir doesn’t really approve of dating. This guy turns to the other girls and says “She believed me!” And all of them burst out laughing. I was so humiliated and their laughter grabbed more attention and soon the entire store was laughing.

The girls came up to me and the guy and said “As if anyone would find a fat cow like you attractive. Why don’t you go stand over a toilet and make friends with it? I’m sure it would help you drop a few pounds.”

Thank goodness Sir stepped in when he did. I was a crying mess and couldn’t defend myself properly. Now, Sir is an intimidating man and if you ever saw him in public you would not talk back or question him. He glares down at these people and says word for word, “I strongly suggest you go back to your group of cookie cutter friends and not mess with my family again.”

Before you ask, no it wasn’t a threat to minors at all, just know that Sir is protective of all of us. But they left us alone and I ran back to the car and we came home…140 isn’t fat for a girl who’s 5’6, right?  

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  1. Sorry this happened to you, people who do things like that are just insecure in themselves. Hold your head high, you are better than them!

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