[137] ~*Wed – 12/06/17*~

[10:01 pm]

I’m upset about something right now but what’s new. So Mon I called my friend and she answered which was weird cause my phone was set to “private” and she normally doesn’t answer private calls. I had mentioned it at that time but she said my number had came up. I didn’t think more of it than that. Maybe I had changed it back and didn’t remember. Today I checked and nope, it was indeed on private yet again it shows my number. I tried changing it back and forth and even downloading apps to hide it and nothing. So for the last month when I was calling a client and thinking my number was hidden, it wasn’t. The fuck?! I’m super pissed now and I can only go see the store on Fri to ask about it which I’m sure they won’t do a damn thing for. This is really pissing me off. I don’t understand why it’s not working. It was on my old phone and is for hub. I looked online and cant find one single thing about it. 

Anyways, my first client had ended up cancelling so that was good, I had more time to sleep today. I still feel very sick but I managed to get through the day. Now I need to get the garbage ready and bring them to the road and head to bed as I’m exhausted. Long day ahead as I have an 11 hrs shift tomorrow which is nothing but when you’re sick it’s quite some hell so I better get some rest.




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