Over 4 miles

What an awesome day today was!  I must have walked over 4 miles, and the weather wasn’t bad at all and my phone estimates over 14k steps walked.  It only requires me to walk 6k steps per day and in the past couple days it’s been very easily attained.

Did I mention my ass muscles ache slightly right now?  That means either I used them properly or I’m just getting old or ok probably both /argh lmfao.  I notice all kinds of aches and pains in my legs and feet, my knees, upper thigh.  WTF I never had these problems when I walked before.  I fear I cannot escape the natural onset of arthritis it comes with age.  But it ain’t going to stop me from exercising like I’m doing now.  go go go mama!

I want to be positive.  I want to surround myself with positive people.  I want to be influenced by positive and successful, strong people!  Inspiration, upbeat, more fun, open my eyes to things I never thought.  They find a solution to every problem.  They have to look out of the box, out of the comfort zone.  I look forward to succeed in whatever I set m mind to.

I will stay away from negative.  Remove negative people around me.  They have a problem for every solution.  Fuck that shit.  Damm the kill joys.  Go away, far far away from me.  Don’t even look at me from a distance.  Foul, disgusting, feelings of doubt, dread, doom and gloom.  Fuck you Fuck you and up yours!  shoo go away

Wow that felt great!!


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