Holiday struggles and financial worries

I like Christmas, but I don’t like the gift exchanging part of it. I would be happy with just putting up the tree and having dinner.

I checked my bank account and I’m just scraping by right now. I have tuition due at the end of this month along with my January rent. I’m trying to save for a car, but it’s taking forever.

Earlier this week I had to sleep in the back of my boyfriend’s truck at 4:30am because I don’t have a car to get me to work, and he had to go to his work to train his first client, and and then take me to mine during his break. It’s hard without a car. And to commute from where I live is 3 hours ONE WAY by bus.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. Or what I can do. 

I’m trying to stay optimistic. I’m getting paid this week Friday. I have a job so I will make it work somehow. Somehowwww with my anxiety and frustrations.

EDIT: a classmate gave me an Altoids mint and for some reason it made me like we’re in this together LOL.

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