I feel so hungry today.  And I ate.  But I’m craving something like another rotisserie chicken half.  During the evening strolls you can smell dinner cooking it’s wonderful I enjoy the aroma therapy.  I’m so hungry I’d love an all-you-can-buffet place of Any kind of food I just want to indulge.  This morning I weighed in at 138.0 even.

I am smaller than a size 9 pants.  Love how the waist band has so much room.  I feel so motivated to keep losing weight I hope to get down to a size 7 pants.  It’s possible and when I was a skinny youth?  I was a size 7/8.  If I could get down to a size 5/6?  Wow that sounds small for my height.  How did I manage this? /big grin happy

I may have to get new clothes AGAIN or at least belts that fit me (instead of adding holes to make the belt smaller it flaps over too much.)  Tops have dropped from XL to L even size Medium, but because of my broad shoulders I could still fit in some XL tops and just look slim =)  So wonnnnnnndderrrrfffffffucking-ful to be able to fit into everything.

I just looked up an online “ideal body weight calculator” and it said my ideal weight for my height is 117 pounds.  And then because my wrist is 5.625″ = small frame?  I always thought I was medium or large.  But 117 pounds no way are you serious?  Holy moses.  I’m old.  I’m happy at 138 instead of 181.  Don’t they add handicap pounds for age?  Such as add 10 pounds per every year over 50? or something.  Then my ideal weight would go up to 127 this year and 137 pounds for next year LOL that’s crazy.  I feel so hungry right now

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