Self Worth

You. Are. Worthy

Lots of times in this world today it’s hard to believe in yourself, to love yourself, to know that you are WORTHY.

Why is that? Social media maybe ? People who you think are your friends, but really they aren’t, that are nice to to your face and turn around and stab you in the back. Is is the he said she said, someone gets mad and all of a sudden you’re a WHORE, you’re FAT, you’re UGLY, you’re NOBODY. People have these unrealistic standards of who they think you should be, how you should act, talk, who you’re supposed to hang out with. Wll, FUCK THAT.

I’ve recently found in the past year that keeping my circle small and not giving a shit about the rest, or what the rest thinks of you,  makes a huge impact on your life. And trust me, I learned the hard way. Before now, and even in high school, it was everything to want others to make me feel worthy. Make me believe that I am pretty enough, or smart enough. well, again FUCK THAT. I have my circle of friends, yes. But that circle of friends have taught me so much about life without even knowing it. I don’t have the most BEAUTIFUL face you’ve ever seen, or the “finest” body out there. I may not have a boyfriend to comfort me, but I do have ME.

I may not love my body (which big plans are in the future to help myself improve), I may not think I’m the prettiest, but I am learning to love  myself, because I have learned that no matter what happens, it’s not because you aren’t good enough. YOU ARE. When it comes down to it, and you lay your head on your pillow at night, you have to live with yourself, the mistakes you’ve made all the way to the mountains you have overcome, and it’s just starting, so get used to it and know that you’re worthy anyways. You’re going to fuck up again, and you’re going to learn from it. You’re going to accomplish something big again, too! You’re going to date the wrong people  that tear you down at the end of it, you’re going to get wasted and hook up with someone you regret in the morning, and you’ll get over it. You’re going to say fuck it and lay in bed binge watching Netflix and eating junk food all day. 

But aside from fucking up, its nothing compared to what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. I waited on the perfect friends I didn’t have to force, that love me and are there for me and would never knock me down even if there was a slight argument. Im going to wait for the right man, and not settle. You know why? Because even though I’ve made mistakes, I’m still worthy of love. Even though I’m not perfect, I am still worthy of love. I’m still worthy of success even though I flunked out of college and went back and settled for an Associates when I know I could’ve done better. Im not done with. my life, Im not done making mistakes, and I’m damn sure not done making sure I succeed. I’m worthy of all of these things, and so are you.

Never let anyone tell you different.

XOXO, Katie 

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