My pups are something else I swear…

Dakota has brown spots all over her….


As soon as I let her out of the box…she tackled me the minute after I grab my coffee cup…

Splash, all over her..haha. She is entirely to cute for me to even be made, her puppy eyes could melt Satan’s soul. 


Things have been rough, but coming home to these two and Layla makes it all worth it. They’ll love the new place, as all the places I’ve looked at have a fenced in yard, and plenty of space inside. It’ll still be a while before I move. I have to check them all out, and with picking up this third job, I won’t have much time. 


I bought each pup a new comforter for thier box, since I put them in there, Tux won’t leave his, he just lays there looking at me. His lazy was won’t even get up for his role. Hahhaha. 

Dakota is laying on my chest….so time for our hour nap before I’m off to the money slave trade….





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