[139] ~*Fri – 12/08/17*~

[5:06 pm]

So much to catch on.. I need to catch up on my journals that I haven’t edited and shows that I haven’t watch and my farm game activities that I haven’t got time to start yet. Being sick really sucks. I’m in so much pain from all my coughing, I’m wondering if my ribs can bruise from it. My head hurt and I have zero energy. Working while being sick isn’t a good idea at all but what can you do when you don’t have any sick days. I’m not getting any better thought so I don’t know anymore. I’m just thinking of the store Sun and I feel even worse, my head wants to explode. I have a feeling I won’t be feeling any better by then and if I do end up working, I will just keep myself sick. If I call in sick, I’m sure the manager will be super pissed at me so I wonder if I can get a doc’s note from an after hour clinic to say I’m sick and can’t work so then my ass would be covered and she won’t be able to yell at me for being sick during the busy time of the year.

Anyways, I’m not too sure how but I managed to finish my day yesterday. I can tell ya, it was a very long one. I got home, sat at the PC to watch some shows but then I started texting a friend and sorta ended up talking with her for hours so in all that time I only watched one show. When I looked at the time it was almost midnight so I had to get my ass in bed. I didn’t even read cause I knew I had to get my sleep.

I just feel so damn horrible. I want to take a nice bath later on tonight in hope that it will make my body feel better. I really wanted to clean the suggies cage today as I didn’t do it on Tue but that won’t happen and I have no idea when it will. I also need to call that stupid tech support number at some point to see if they can help me out with my phone not hiding my number. I really hope they can find a solution cause grr..

Well, I better get going with my things if I want to accomplish something today.




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