Friday December 8

Rough morning. I left the house, had to go back in to find my school keys, Left the house the 2nd time, went to gas station to put air in my tire that keeps going flat, Coors truck was parked in front of the air tank, so it was a no go, left there, decided to just try to make it to school and go to the gas station close to school that I went to yesterday, while waiting at the light, realized I didn’t have my phone. I use my phone for school- take pictures and email them to myself for my powerpoints- so I had to have it- went back home and back in the house to get my phone, left for the 3rd time, driving toward school, realized I didn’t have my glasses, ugh, stopped at gas station, got change for machine, got air for tire, then went to walmart to buy reading glasses, FINALLY then went to school. What the absolute fuck. Now I am finally sitting at the tire place, getting the fucking tire fixed. the valve stem cap was missing and my hub cap is missing, so I just ordered a new hub cap on ebay. I really really hate having a fucking car. It’s always something. Fucking transportation. 

My kids were crazy today. I sent a shit ton to safe. I hate doing that- it makes me feel like a failure when I can’t handle them myself. Oh well. Good news at school today was that I found the tables I wanted at the warehouse, so I should get them soon. I went and told Killian, so hopefully he will put in the work order for me to get them. 

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