Thursday December 7th

I got a tiny spot of good news today. Brent is coming to my house for xmas eve. That balances with the fact that I have a flat tire on my car. I wouldn’t even know about it if someone at school hadn’t noticed it in the parking lot and told me. Ugh. They told me yesterday morning and by the time school was over I had forgotten all about it and drove home. The hub cab is missing on that tire now. I bet it came off because the tire was so low. I put air in it this morning on my way to school, and it was low again by the time I got out of school. I stopped and put air in it again. I put more air in it this time because there was a pressure gauge on the air machine I used today and I knew when it had enough. Maybe it won’t be so low in the morning. I filled it up enough that the light indicator went off on the dash board. I had been wondering what that light meant. Guess now I know. I will have to get it fixed after school tomorrow. I guess I should have gone today, but I just didn’t care enough to do it. I was tired and hungry. Hungry always wins with me. I closed my Santander bank account today, finally. I feel proud of myself for finally taking care of that. At least I did do something adult today. 


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