[140] *~Sat – 12/09/17*~

[3:22 pm]

I hate myself! I woke up this morning and I really didn’t feel like going to work so I cancelled my first client. I took more NyQuil and went back to bed. When I got up for my second client, I still didn’t wanted to go but I made myself go cause I had already lost 4 hrs. Man, I was so doped up on NyQuil, I felt so weird. My ribs still hurts from all the coughing and I have no energy at all and sorta feel dizzy. I just hope I feel better tomorrow and don’t have to miss a day at the store. I kind of want to text the manager to give her a heads up that I might not make it but I tell myself that I should be fine. I mean, I started being sick Mon so that’s five days already. I guess I shall see how I feel tomorrow.

It’s still early and I’m not sure what I’ll be doing today beside coughing. It just hurts! There’s a mess of dishes that hub left in the sink and I really want to do them when I know I should just take it relax. I wanted to do them yesterday and put away my laundry but I fought with myself to leave it there. I told myself I could always do it later, that it was no hurry. Right now, it’s killing me cause I hate seeing that mess there so I think I will be doing it soon enough. 

I guess I shall watch Supernatural right now and see how I feel afterward. I already feel sooo tired that I might just end up going to bed. Bleh! Being sick really sucks and I can tell ya that next time the doc can shove his Flue Shot somewhere else cause I surely ain’t taking one.




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