Girl crush

I think I have a crush on her. She bull dozed my walls down, and stamped her mark on me. She managed to peel away at my hard exterior, and brought out the fun loving side of me. She befriended me, before I could even put my hand up to block her. She has made me laugh, made me open up to her, and she has welcomed me into her home.

This is strange, I thought I was done making best friends at my age. And yet she has managed to make me feel like, we have know each other for years, and have always been this close. But there is something more, I am feeling something different with her. I find myself, thinking of her in a way I would feel for a guy. I find her corkyness charming and adorable. I want to spend time with her, and be by her side always. This may be a crush, but I don’t want lose her as a friend. I wonder if this is a faze, may be I am confusing my crush feelings for my loneliness?

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