Super Busy (Got into it with Soon to be ex hubby)

I have been working a few extra  hours at work. It is around the holidays and every one at work either is calling off or asking some one to work for them. When I was eighteen a double was easy… now at almost 30 … sixteen hours defiantly takes a toll on my body. plus with my shoopie (my baby boy) its defiantly a challenge this mom really does not get any sleep. I was up to almost two in the morning because my little one did not want to go to bed. he wanted to stay up and play with mommy, its 8:32 a.m. as I type this. I have actually been up since 7am, the joys of motherhood. Been trying to keep my mind busy, being at work and the drama that happens when you work with many vagina’s, yes I said it. its  almost always drama between woman at this job. I don’t get into it with anyone because I don’t talk about anybody behind their back and what ever I do say I have no problem repeating… but the fuckery that takes place is amusing. I like to watch the drama unfold. I don’t start it but I like to watch. its like my very own reality show. I’m the keeper of every ones secrets, I must have that type of face that screams tell me everything because they do. The pass 2 days I was supposed to work with this woman named Lisa, pretty girl and sweet and  all but she does not like to work. I prefer to work with either shauntessa, donnieca, Shanice or Kimberley. So when she called off I was yay. one of them picked up and I was happy and excited. we always get our work done and shoot the shit. they are my  beautiful distraction from my whole fucked up situation with my husband. I talked to him yesterday and we had a good conversation. His mom and best friend died this month(Dec.) and his birthday is this month as well. he had to burry his mom on his birthday.( how awful is that) So I wanted to check up on him. we had the best conversation we have had in a couple of months to be exact. I had filed for child support about a month ago because me and him had come to an agreement that he would give me forty to fifty dollars a week to help me out with shoopie. well he stopped paying. I would see him on snap chat and he would be at a concert or  at the bar on Fridays and he would not  even come over to give me anything for him, so that’s why I did it. However, he called me back and asked me if I had anything to tell him… I told him no… he said about the child support case.. I said oh yea I put you on child support.. he asked me when was I going to tell him that I put him on child support.. but when is it the right time to tell some one that they are on child support… he would not answer my phone calls and he has not seen his son since Nov. first, so now we are on bad terms yet again …….to be continued…

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