[141] ~*Sun – 12/10/17*~

[3:55 pm]

This is fucking bullshit. We had some snow during the night. It’s not that much but it’s enough at the end of the driveway once the plow goes by on the road. That said, we pay someone to come open the driveway during winter and guess what.. yep, never showed up. This is making me rage. Hub drove through it this morning with the car but I didn’t wanted to risk it as I’m park at an angle and can’t just plow through it like he did so I shoveled the end of the driveway and omg, I wanted to die. I’m sick and just made it a million time worse. I thought I was going to pass out, I couldn’t breath. So I made it to work but I was so red in the face and I think I was coming up with a fever cause I felt so hot and there was no way. Luckily there was another supervisor there and she said she would fix things so I could go home so I only stayed at work an hour. I feel terrible for missing work but I think I really need to take care of myself or I will never get rid of what I have as it’s been a week.

Anyways, of course I wanted to eat so I got some BK and went to my friend’s which I just got home like half an hour ago. I came home and guess what?! Yes, still no one came for the driveway. I’ve look around the Court and the people that has another company, theirs are clean. Like, wtf?! There is no freaking reason why my driveway isn’t open at 4 pm. This is just ridiculous. 

Oh would you look at that, I’m writting this and who shows ups.. the tractor. He didn’t come to my house first, he went to the neighbors which I am the first house so now I wonder if the neighbor called them. I did try to go ask my neighborh about it when I got home but no one answered when I rang the door bell. But yea, they are coming around at 4 freaking pm. I don’t know why I keep doing this cause they did this last year as well. I keep telling myself I will change company but yet, I always end up going back with them. Arg! The thing is, hub used to work over night so at worse I had a car that was outside the driveway in the morning as he would get home when I’d leave for work. Now he only works at 4 pm which means, there’s no car outside the driveway in the morning for when ever I’m stuck. I’ll ask hub to give them a call and see if they can be here in the morning as I have to get out for work. I mean, if I’m paying them, yet I still have to shovel, it’s just ridiculous.

Anyways, this is my rant of right now. Of course there’s always something to complain about with me.




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