Day 650, 651 & 652 – Fun events, grades & hair

Saturday, December 9th 2017

If you’re wondering where 3 days went, it’s because I set them to private. Nothing to worry about though.

I’ll do as I did with the private ones and instead of doing seperated entries into one, I’ll just done one big entry regarding the past few days.

Thursday I went downtown with other French classes. Kohai, our friend and I went to a cat café! We ate, and got to look and pet some cats. They were adorable!

Friday there was a pep rally. It’s interesting to watch from a senior’s perspective, because seniors are always the ones to participate the most when it comes to grade vs. grade activities; they also win most of the time, cause it’s their last year. So I was used to going “eh, what’s the point, they’re gonna win” when I was in 11th, 10th, 9th and so on. But I was part of the type of people that remained seated and didn’t participate. It was fun to watch though.

I got my grade back on my test. The days that was sent to private was because I went into this depression because of thinking I did terrible on the test. But turns out I didn’t do all that bad. I got a B. I was certain I got a D. I suppose my teacher was generous this time, knowing I was sick, and that everyone else had problems with that test. But it still came as a shock to me. Still kinda is. What I got from this though, is that I need to dissociate myself emotionally from grades. If I get a bad one, I’m sad, if I get a good one, I’m happy. Grades are the source of most of my emotions. I think you can see my problem there.

Today I went to my portfolio class. I didn’t do much, but I did finish my feet and then brainstormed for perspective drawings. I also went to get my haircut, so now my hair is pretty short once again! My new hairdresser was excited, cause she likes short hair, haha. We also talked about my school and teachers, because she used to go to my school. We talked about how the accounting class was harder than we expected, that the teachers now have gray hair (she knew them without gray hair) and that my English teacher apparently tried to fail her. Luckily, despite being nitpicky, my English teacher isn’t like that now. She said he probably had a wake up call, because her younger brother also didn’t have a problem with him.

At home I played some Pokemon Sun, watched Netflix and YouTube, and simply relaxed.

That’s all for today.

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