I’m Actually Writing A Standard Journal? Part 1 (Day 0)- Snowed In

Original drafted Sunday, 12/10/17- I don’t know if the date will reset if I ever edit this thing later.

To be honest I probably should’ve started this earlier. Certainly before band camp, maybe even a bit in middle school. I just didn’t realize I had anything worth writing until more recently, and by then the details had long become hazy.

I’ll start with a short introduction- I’m Sophia Clark, a freshman in high school and most people’s idea of an introvert. My hobbies are band (a big one), some art, writing and piano (That’s right, I’m a writer. Search up my name for some of my works. Hopefully some of my talent in that area will transfer to here, though no guarantees).

Onto the day-

Actually, wait. Let’s start with last Friday, because that’s when the snow first started. (Does that make this days -1 through 1? Maybe days 0, 0.5, and 1. I’ll just call it Day 1.)

Everyone was excited for Friday. Snow had long been predicted, and people (particularly the students) wanted to see if we’d get real snow, or the pathetic 1 hour of snow and it all melts in 5 minutes that we usually get, if any. School wasn’t closed, but then again, our county was always hesitant to close until it was too late. They especially wouldn’t want to close today, when many tests are going on. Personally, I thought there wasn’t going to be much snow. The report predicted snow and rain alternating throughout the day, so I figured the snow wouldn’t be able to stick and would melt immediately.

When I arrived at seminary early+ in the morning, there was freezing rain pouring in the streets. Water streamed down the sides, confirming my suspicions that snow wouldn’t be able to stick the tiny balls of ice made us all wish there were snow, but most of us had excepted that there would be little or none of it.

Even so, many of us still checked the county website repeatedly throughout seminary. We knew it was too late for school to cancel altogether (the elementary school buses were most likely already running), but school might still get out early. We had our fingers crossed for a two-hour delay.

Only about half of the students in my seminary class showed up, which was even less than normal. Maybe they thought school was closed, or figured seminary was too much hassle on a possible snow day, but for whatever reason, not many people came.

Which was too bad, considering it was the one day the teacher brought treats. Each of us ended up getting around 5 cookies before the class ended. Not only that, but, it was the other Friday, and every other Friday someone brings treats for all of seminary. I got two more donuts and some juice before needing to leave.

What was outside was the biggest surprise of all. It was snowing, and it was snowing heavily. Large, fat flakes drifted down peacefully, muffling any sound. Somehow, the snow had overridden the wetness of the ground and clung to the earth and trees. The pavement was still relatively clear, but much or of it and it’d be white, too.

I laughed with delight and spun around in this snow, enjoying the thick cold and soft snow. I was familiar with weather from further up north, so it didn’t faze me like it did the others. Rather, I loved the signs of true winter seldom seen here, so this got me way more excited than it should have.

My ride who was supposed to have been there waiting for me wasn’t there, and didn’t arrive until 20 minutes later. For the entire 20 minutes, I  stood out in the snow, smiling. I wore a thin jacket, but it lay unzipped, exposing my single shirt that was all that covered my chest. The cold didn’t bother me in any way.

My backpack was a shoulder bag, and didn’t’ have a top to it, so I put it by the door to prevent the papers from getting wet. I enjoyed watching people trip over it.

At one point, I got out my umbrella (I always had one with me- A habit from living in a rainy place) and put it  upside-down on the sidewalk, to catch the snow. Before my ride arrived, I dumped it on my head and snapped a picture, which depicted me standing with a mound of snow on my head.

When my ride finally arrived, we discovered she had just woken up- Not a trait you want your ride to have. Nonetheless, we left for the school, but not before we stopped by my house so my brother could get something he forgot. We arrived at school around 40 minutes later than normal, particularly since my ride wanted to go slow with all of the water, freezing rain and snow on the road. None of us objected, considering she was a pretty new driver and got easily distracted, but there went my plans to retake a test that morning.

We still arrived 15 or so minutes before 1st period started (Seminary gets out a full hour before school starts), So I breezed by the band room where I usually hung out and practiced in the mornings and went to first period a bit early.

The room was unusually abuzz with activity. Everyone was talking about the snow, unheard of this early in the season this far down south. Only the teacher, a northerner who only recently moved down south, remained calm. She ensured the students that the snow wasn’t going to stick and that we were still going to have school. Despite this, phone were still clearly visible throughout the class (against school policy, I might add-) with people checking for early release.

Sometime around 9:40 (still during first period), the principal came on the announcements and said that school would get out at 11:30.

I tell you, that was the loudest cheering I have ever heard. School-wide. (Seriously, the prinicipal had to pause for a whole minute before he could go on.)

Minutes later, drivers were allowed to leave. Technically, school was still in session, but no one was listening to that. The entire school was anarchy from that point; people were hanging out in the hallways, virtually no one was in class, and the school simply couldn’t contain everyone. We were all trying to get out the fastest we could, with  no regard for the rules.

I was no exception. From the moment they announced early release, I had my phone out and was trying to organize a ride for my brother and I (He’s a Junior).In the end, I got our sister to some pick us up.

We were dismissed to second period, and since my sister was just leaving, I decided to go anyway. Second period was band, so I didn’t mind all that much. Only about a quarter of the band arrived, so any plans the director had were postponed, and it was pretty much a free period. They dismissed car riders, and even though my sister wasn’t here yet, I decided to leave anyway and wait for her.

The halls were filled with people. They weren’t even trying to get anywhere; they were just hanging out. I went by the front lobby, spotted some freshmen friends hanging out in front of the school, and decided to go and chat with them. Had it not been for my open backpack, I would have just gone out there, but instead I had to first pull out my umbrella. It was still wet from earlier, but I didn’t mind, so long as it protected my backpack from the snow.

If possible, the snow had gotten even thicker. The snow was clearly visible on the streets, and, many cars were covered in it. A few  students attempted to gather some snow into snowballs with little success.

I was outside for no more than 30 seconds before my sister arrived with my grandma. She been staying at our house for a couple days (In  my room, no less) and decided to tag along. I gave a small smile as I entered the car. My brother had been saying he’d tell me when my sister arrived, but I’d gotten there first.

I received a text from him saying my sister was here when she decided to just call him and tell him where we were. He came within seconds, and we left for home sometime around 10:20.

Details, details, details! We’re only about 4 hours into the day— and I was planning on including 3 days in this. It’ll probably be just Friday, or Day 0. Saturday’ll be Day 0.5. But this is taking too long. How about I sum things up a bit more?

We got home and, well, what to do for the rest of the day?  My family went out and bought some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for some s’mores (seldom seen in my family) and we got a fire started in the living room (We’d never had a real fire as far as I could remember- too expensive). The rest of the day was mostly spent just lazing round, watching the occasional Christmas movie and playing some games. The temperature stabilized at around 32 degrees (Fahrenheit), so it was a wonder it kept snowing throughout the day.

By night, the snow was around 6 inches deep- the deepest I’d seen in my few years living here. My family decided to go on a walk in the snow around the neighborhood, and I figured why not and went with then. Mostly  it was my mom, sister and friend walking peacefully in the snow, and my brother and I in the back pasting each other with snowballs.

When we were almost home, my brother had a brilliant idea. He grabbed a snowball and rolled it into a larger and larger snowball like they do in movies, but it actually worked. Soon, he had a full snowball about the size of the bottom of a snowman in his arms (he could barely carry it). He claimed it was around 40-50 pounds.

He called, “Hey, Soph!” I turned around to see him running at me, the incredible snowball slipping from his grasped. He crashed into me, toppling both of us too the ground.

Brother : 1           Me : 0

He may have one, but had it not been for that huge snowball, I would’ve said it was pretty close. He went for numbers, I went for accuracy.

We got home pretty late, and slowly winded down the further we got into the night.

-End Of Day 0- (Ha ha… That’s familiar. Let me know if you get it.)

Speaking of which, if you can’t find my writings, or don’t want to hunt for it, ask for a link to my writings and I’ll provide one for you. I’m quite proud of them (Seriously- 10 months spent on the draft of chapter 1 and it’s still not finished), so any support will be much appreciated.

As for the length, most likely most entries won’t be this long, but the snow was an unusual event, so  I figured details were important.

Feel free to comment about whatever


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