I’m Actually Writing A Standard Journal? Part 2 – Thoughts on Writing

Original drafted Sunday 12/10/17

No official date since this is a thoughts on entry rather than a date entry.

Hey, I figured since this is writing, I figured my first “Thoughts On” would be about writing. Also, I couldn’t come up with anything else.

I mentioned in my previous entry that I’m a writer. I don’t mean a published writer or anything fancy like that (Not yet, anyway), but I do write semi regularly,and have been for years. Usually I stick with fantasy novel writing, but interestingly enough my only finished story is a non-fantasy short story. The irony is palpable.

Actually, that’s my only official non fantasy or short story work. Again, I enjoy the novels more. You can get so much more plot there.

But novel writing is hard. I usually trash a story around chapter 4 before starting a new one- the further you go into a story, the less interesting it seems. In fact, the current story I’m working on I have 4 chapters drafted (1 nearly finished with editing- it’s available to the public online), 6 the details sorted out and the rest the general idea. I’ve been working on it since February, and am determined not to trash it, at least not yet. It’s definitely my best work yet.

In total, I have 2 works currently public and over 30 (30!) drafts of chapters from different novel ideas. Usually it takes more time coming up with ideas and editing than the time it takes to actually draft the thing. If I posted my works unedited (like I am doing here), they would be way worse. And editing is hard. Often my original draft and completed edited version are two completely separate works.

A lot of my different story ideas and drafts are variations on the same idea. In fact, I consider the current draft I’m working on to have stemmed from my very first plot idea 6 years ago. I’d say I’ve had (at least) 4 plots that transition from the original, and unless I pointed it out, you wouldn’t be able to see the connections between the different works.

What’s the process of writing like, for me, at least? For one thing, it takes time. I could spend hours coming up with and refining an idea before even writing anything down. Sometimes I pull out a book and read simply for the purpose of coming up with an idea for writing. While reading, I’ll note all of the things that I like about the plot and other details, and start formulating a plot from there. A lot of the time I don’t even remember much of what I read, because it becomes so easy to get lost in thought.

I need to be in the right mood. For different people, the mood can be different things, but for me, I like being alone, quiet and warm. Sitting in bed with a laptop and a purring kitty in my legs is one of my favorites settings. So one time, when I was just about to draft the long awaited second chapter of one of my stories, my mom and her friend came in (I was in the living room) and turned on the TV really loud. Let’s just say Chapter 2 still hasn’t been released yet.

Writer’s block is real. I say I’ve spent 10 months working on my most recent story, but it’d be more accurate to say that I spent 1 month in February, had 8 months of writer’s block and came back to it for 1 month. On the flip side, when I have an idea, I can sit an write and write and write. The more I write, the more ideas I have for that piece, and I don’t want to forget anything, so I just keep going and going. Just yesterday I spent nearly 6 hours writing (Hmm, I wonder what?), and even though it wasn’t novel writing like I’m used to, as far as I’m concerned it still falls into this category.

Journaling is something I’m pretty unfamiliar with in regards to writing (I don’t know if you can tell- you probably can). It’s noticeably easier to write, because I just record whatever comes to me. I don’t need to worry so much about style, or appealing to the audience, because I can understand both the main character and the audience completely. I don’t need as much preparation for writing as I otherwise would because I’m always thinking about something.

That’s all I’m doing for this subject. I may come back to this later and add a part 2, if I ever want to say anything else. But for now, that’s all!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it! (This is all probably incredibly boring to you, but oh well.)


Again, if you want the link to the writing, just ask and I’ll provide it, or just comment on whatever (Please do!)

Later, folks


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