This poem is not written by me but i love it. It reminds me of Cameron. <3

In the light shade of the sycamore tree,
lies my love, a blushing boy of seventeen,
the green tendrils of grass do kiss his skin,
and in gentle, peaceful slumber, he rests.
His soul provides all ornamentation,
he glows, like a prince, even in plainclothes.
He requires no jewels, no gold, either,
he is bedecked in the warm May sunlight,
and in this moment he is beautiful.
I lay here beside him, my fairy prince,
a fairy queen, all bright, young, and sweet.
In our youth, we are naive, innocent,
and in spring’s loving embrace we breathe,
we breathe air infused with all sorts of magic.

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  1. oh no! its ok, its hard to be a working mom, my mom was a working mom too. so, i know how tight the schedule gets.
    its a pleasure to know you like to read my entries. 🙂 im fine now, was a bit sick, thats why i took this much time to reply, but so much better now,thanks for asking. hope you and your little one are doing great! xxx

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