The beauty of a family structure

Today I got to hang out with my parents(as usual) and go out to dinner.
They are a huge blessing to me. The only good thing about my separation is that my relationship with my parents has grown. I heavily rely on their confidence boosting and wisdom. They are my biggest cheerleaders. Last night I had the privilege of taking my children to watch the Harlem Globetrotters. It appeared as if they enjoyed it. My children are so sweet. They say “thank you” for everything that I do for them. They are huge blessings. I am very passionate about the family structure. I believe that every child deserves to have a stable family with one mom and dad setting a concrete example and love filled home. However, I am convinced that husbands/wives should put each other above the children. This is not a very popular opinion. Some say “the spouse could leave you but you will always have your kids”. That is true….. however if the parents put each other first…. they will most likely stay together and the love and example will trickle down and be a blessing to the children. God says that when 2 people marry that they become one flesh. The children will one day leave the parents. The parents will be left alone together so it is important that they have a strong relationship. If their lives were only consumed by the children then their relationship with each other could perhaps not be healthy enough to maintain it. When it is all said and done the children will have a golden example and it will benefit their future family/marriage. Since I value the family structure let’s just say that I have to fight back the tears when I see other families out and about interacting with each other. I get so jealous of the very thing that I took for granted. I had longed for a family even at a young age. I was blessed to marry the best wife/mother that a guy could ask for. She was everything that I had dreamed of. She valued my opinions and trusted my decisions even if they were somewhat exotic or strange. We shared a love for God and vowed to raise our children w/ the fear and admonition of God. After years passed life had taken some of my passion away. It bothers me to say that. I know that if I chased after God more that my situation would be entirely different right now. I remember at the peak of my life (when I felt like the most blessed man alive) I said a prayer “Lord, thank you for your many blessings. You have surely smiled down upon me. If I ever stray away form your will, please take away from me whatever is necessary in order to open my eyes and reveal to me the areas in which I am lacking or falling short. My soul being saved is worth that to me.” Now, I sit here and reflect upon that. The Lord has surely chastised me. But why did it have to be this?? Why did it come down to losing my family?? Was that the only thing that God could take to open my eyes and heart to him?? I will just assume that God knows what he is doing. I will not give up on my promises though!!!!!!!

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