My Guardian Angel-Undugu ni kufaana, si kufanana.

We never know who is going to come into our lives at any given time. It is always best to be open minded. That way we will be able to be receptive to people who come into our lives to impact us in major ways. That’s what the case was with me exactly a year ago from this day.

This is who my Guardian Angel Nivlek is to me. 2017, was a year that the two of us were to grow as brothers. Nivlek is the type of person anyone dreaming of a Guardian Angel would want in a friend.

How we got to be close friends to brotherhood, none of us can have a valid say of it. Nivlek is one type of person who rarely talks. He is the quiet type of person that you would rate as boring and antisocial. To the contrary, I am a talkative and stubborn type of person.



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