A lot is on my mind

I woke up with a major headache and a stomach ache. I did not even want to eat this morning and that is not like me at all, I always want to eat. Maybe because I over ate the night before who knows. I drank my grapefruit juice and did dishes and then had to find my son a dentist. He is fourteen months old and has not seen one yet.. I have been procrastinating and I know it. (hence the screen name.) I have been procrastinating with my own doctors appointments I pay for the shit(insurance) but never go to the doctors, I hate doctors. (but I’m going to school for nursing.) I know total hypocrite shit but whatever. I went out to lunch with Shanice last night and I had fun. we talked about everything under sun relationships, family, work and the conversation was amusing. we went to chili’s   and she got chips and dip with salsa for the appetizer and I ate the fried pickles they where ok, I have had better from hooters. then for the main entrée she had steak fajitas and I had the buffalo chicken sandwich and fries. it was delicious then we went to Burlington coat factory after the fact. I did not plan on shopping but I found some really cute and cheap outfits for my baby. 3 to be exact a plaid fleece pajama set, a tiger pants and vest outfit and letterman jacket that came with jeans and a shirt. it was so many people in the store it was ridiculous, I know its “Christmas” time but geez I say this lady and she had a cart full of useless things she was going to hand out on the 25th that her significant others are possibly going to use one time and then put it on a shelf some where. I don’t celebrate the pagan holiday any where and my baby wont know bout Christmas until he starts school and then I can explain to him why we don’t. I have to also start reading my bible more so I can explain it to him. after I told Shanice bye and we went our own separate ways. I did not want to go home yet. I’m not always baby free so I wanted to do something else before I went home it was not even 8pm yet. I was supposed to see my friend Craig but he went out with friends and didn’t know when he was going to be back home. so I called my friend Mel and she was home so I asked her if I could stop bye before I went home and she of course said sure because I haven’t seen her since she had a little get together for her granddaughter that passed away. I went over and we talked about me and my messed up situation with my baby father and how he feels like he shouldn’t have to pay child support and how he does not trust me or my family. supposedly I stole his tax return, which is not true both him and his mother made up that bullshit story. I have a lot of hurt and anger pint up about my whole ordeal lord give me strength to get over this mess.

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