So made this account sometime ago not sure what to say or where to began.
What seems like years ago but in reality was only a couple of years I was in the military. I joined when I was 19. I was not sure what I wanted to do and I thought I would get stationed in the United States so what harm would it have done? On top of that I was a year into Culinary school and realized that A: I suck at cooking and B: this school is expensive as fuck how am I going to pay this back? So I decided to join the Army and I did. Basic training was horrible at times I thought I was going to die of starvation because I was a vegetarian at the time (not anymore). I was doing everything everyone else was doing but only eating peanut butter, rice and bananas. I cried when even the drill Sargent looked at me. I was super timid and they preyed on me; so I thought. I was one of the lucky females that was in a platoon with males. We had one platoon that was all females everyone thought it was weird but didn’t say anything. One day after we cleaned the buildings we were all in line waiting to eat. We hear running and turned and all the girls from that platoon were covered in mud and trying to form a line behind us. We were so confused because it was Sunday and we never do training on Sunday its time for church or whatever you want to do. The last person in line got one of the girls to speak and she was crying and saying that their drill Sargent found hair in their shower area and went crazy and made them pack up all there belongings and carry it up this massive hill and do push ups and run and roll around in the mud! They said they are not even allowed back in the bay until she sees fit. At this time one of our Sargent walked up and yell to stop talking but noticed the girls and pulled one aside and found out what happened. Apparently this is a no go even in basic and the most she should have done was made them clean over again and not have any personal time that day. All of the girls had to have a physic eval because one started waking up screaming every night. Scared the crap out of me. But in the end that drill Sargent got dismissed and we never saw her again. 

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