Day 4: Honeymoon in Chile

We woke early to get all of our gear together and ready for our pre arranged group cab pick up.  This worked out much better than our trip from the airport to the Hostel.  This only cost us 14,000 Chilean pesos instead of 60,000.  We are starting to figure this stuff out.  We flew from Santiago to Puerto Montt quite easily with no real delays.  We decided to try to be as frugal as possible and take the bus from Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas.  It paid off!!!  We made it to Puerto Varas (30 min away) by bus for only 900 Chilean pesos (about $1.35) each! 

              Just riding on the bus and seeing the landscape and catching the vibe and energy from everything was so much more inviting than Santiago.  Puerto Varas was much more our pace and scene.  There seemd to be so much outdoor activity and great outdoor shops, a smaller town to navigate around an the scenery was straight out of National Geographic.  The two Volcanoes that you can see towering from just about anywhere in the city are Volcan Calbuco and Volcan Osorno.  Volcan Osorno is quite a bit bigger and is the one that Puerto Varas is more known for, hoever when they both have the evening sun bleeding red onto them the view of them both together is next to none.

              Once we took in the sighs for a bit we stopped for a beer and a snack at Cassis Café.  This place was really cool with a great view of the lake and both of the Volcanoes.  The pizza there was reasonably priced and very good!  I also had a tasty local amber beer from Austral Brewery in Patagonia.  Once we turned down the cake and ice cream, for now, we ran around to a few other places to get our activities lined up for the next day and made our way back to our Hosel called Melmac Hostel.  Melmac, by the way is a really cool place!  It has big private rooms with your own bathrooms for 49,000 Chilean Pesos a night and a great location in town.  Also, the staff is very friendly and helpful, best of all they have a kegerator with really good beer from a near by local brewery on tap!

              After relaxing for a bit we made our way out for some more site seeing around town, ice cream and cake, and a late dinner.  Yes ice cream before dinner because that’s how we roll!  We strolled around for a while and watched the sunset turn the huge lake, Lago Llanquihue, red and light up the volcanoes like they were on fire.  It was quite the spectacular sight.  We also met my new friend Buddy (yea I named him), he is the coolest stray dog in Puerto Varas and I tried to sneak him pieces of cake when Sherry wasn’t looking.  Yes it was chocolate cake but I wasn’t giving him very much!  HAHA!  After hanging with our main man Buddy, Sherry and I made our way to a really nice restaurant on the lake front called Almendra.  I had one of the best short ribs and Sherry had an impeccable local beef stew.  So far the meet here in Chile has been outstanding.

              We quickly made our way back to Melmac Hostel after our eveining festivities.  We were wanting to get a good nights rest for our adventurous filled day planned for tomorrow.  The days seem to go bye like seconds here.  I can not wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings!

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