December 11,2017

I’ve added more pics. So today everything was going fine and then Red(my hubby) started saying that he should be a millionaire right now because president Obama was gonna give him a job in 2011 as ambassador of Israel (I seriously believe he is having a schizophrenic psychosis and needs mental help bad)and because of me calling the law on him and cause he went to jail for hitting me that I caused him to loose it and he said he was gonna get that job because of who he is. Then when I tried to defend myself and say he did hit me he started screaming in my face and gabbing me by the neck and head butting me and kneed me so hard in the leg and was spitting in my face. He said that in 2011 I came in the living room where he was and he seen the devil in my eyes and I slapped him as hard as I could. That is a total lie. He was drunk that night. He was a really bad drunk back then and me and Hannah(our daughter)was in our room asleep. He came in there yelling and started hitting me in the head and the neighbors called the police. It was 2 am. He went to jail for domestic abuse and I even though it was stupid went to court and told them I lied and he didn’t hit me just to get him out of trouble. So here we are 7 years later and I just took another assualt all because he went to jail for abusing me 7 years ago!!! He called me a whore a methadone addict a child molester fucker and then he started saying I let someone in my family sexually abuse me when I was 8 yrs old. How do u say that to ur wife?? And how do u say that an 8 yr old allowed anyone to sexually abuse them???? Then he said I slept with a woman that This man was a woman not a man. I’m so so so tired of the abuse. He’s so mean to me and it hurts my heart so so bad. He calls me the most heinous things and says the most heinous things to me and about me. He said His lawyer hates me and wants me dead and everyone hates me. Then he said he could have me put in prison and kicked out of here and he has more pull than anyone in this state. He tried to say I’m going to prison for poisoning him years ago. And that his lawyer has X-rays of his heart that show his heart is different than anyone’s in the world and it’s proof I poisoned him. Which I’ve never done.

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