Having A Great Day!

I won’t comment on people’s journals anymore LMFAO.  It seems the person gets self conscious and stops writing in it.  Every single one.  I always go back and check it, sometimes they comment back and sometimes nothing.  But they all disappear and stop writing in the blog I comment in.  I think people don’t want others to know the “real them” because they don’t even like themselves.  Or maybe they freak out on the support and empathy I offer?

Makes me feel bad like I interrupted or intruded on someone’s privacy.  People want to be noticed but when they are confronted, they want to hide.

I’ve reformed so much in the past few months.  There were struggles and still struggles but that’s living life.  To experience everything that I am and go through.  To not know what’s ahead in life.

If you’re fortunate to have good support?  People can handle almost anything.  Thank you God, for giving me my dog when I needed him most.  Thank you God, for not allowing my boyfriend to give up on me or on us…. I love him so much.  It scares me.  But I’m going to jump in and see where the tide takes us.

I have no medical insurance but I’m working on it.  It was frustrating and stressful but I am still ok today and not depressed about it.  My boyfriend put a ring on my finger.  It’s a really pretty ring, good thing I painted my nails and grew them.  He owns me but in return I own him.  I’m just really happy we’re on the same page.

I don’t expect anyone to ever comment on my journals.  I am boringly starting to get my life back together… and most of the interesting people here are depressed sad or extremely negative.  To me?  I find THAT boring.  Exciting is more like… MY LIFE!  Never stop trying to be Positive!  Never stop Trying!  Try not to lose Faith!  Laugh.  Love yourself!  Love others!  Love your pets =)

2 thoughts on “Having A Great Day!”

  1. 🙂 You’re not boring. And you didn’t scare me off with comments! Good luck and keep going.

  2. I don’t even know how to comment back to people who are leaving comments on my blog lmao

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