I’m Actually Writing A Standard Journal? Part 3(Day 0.5)-Movies + Food

Dawn Of The Second Day -48 Hours Remain- (Couldn’t resist… Let me know if you get that)

Though technically it’s Day 0.5, considering Friday is Day 0. Day 2 will be Monday.

Anyway, I came so close to exceeding the character limit on the title (I had to delete some spaces. It’s now exactly 70 characters). Really, why don’t these things have subtitles?

I woke up to an unfamiliar sound: That of branches cracking and falling on the house. It turns out trees this far down south aren’t equipped to handle much weight from snow. Also, we’re pretty sure half of the trees in our yard are dead, so it’s no surprise they snapped (We’ve been asking the landlady to do something about it for ages, but she hasn’t done anything). We have this one dead tree in our yard that’s huge and leaning toward the  main road, and we’ve had dozens of tree people (that’s what I’m calling them) come and tell us that we need to deal with that soon, and we’re really lucky that one didn’t fall over. That would’ve been disastrous.

Other than that, nothing too exciting happened until  the afternoon. I had some more s’mores, practiced a bit of sax (not my main instrument. Saturday’s Day 11 in regards to saxophone), and played some games. 

Just after I had warmed up on sax, my mom came in and told me my Grandma wanted to take us all out. She said she had an idea. The previous plans for the day had been to leave at 2:30, and it wasn’t even 12:30, so I wasn’t at all prepared to go out. Not only did I stop playing mid-practice, but my sister and I had to shower. We didn’t leave until around 1:20, when everyone was finally ready to go.

First, we went to the restaurant my sister works at. Her shift got out at 2, so we got some food and waited for her to get out.

Once she was done, we went and got tickets for a movie we’d been planning to see that day. It didn’t start for another 45 minutes, so we decided to do a $5 night. We’d each get randomly assigned another person, and get $5 to get them something we thought they’d want. Then we’d meet back at the front, purchase the items, and give them to each other. It was my grandma’s small Christmas present to each of us, before she returned to her place.

Only it took longer than expected. We arrived back at the theater 10 minutes or so after the movie had started (thank goodness we had already purchased our tickets) to find that they were still showing previews. Go figure.

The theater we went to was a nice one. The seats we comfortable ones and had adjustable backs and footrests, complete with cup holders and all. The movie itself was okay, but I guess you can’t expect too much when your grandmother chose the movie.

Afterward, we went out for dinner to a local place I’d  never heard of. It was an Asian restaurant, so we were excited to see what they had. The plan was to meet my dad there after the movie and have dinner with him.

But there was some miscommunication between my grandmother and my dad. He thought that the movie started earlier than it did and showed up at the restaurant accordingly- 45 minutes early. Whilst waiting for us, he was so hungry that he ended up getting food and finishing it before we’d even arrived.

None of us really minded though. Even  with this, we still met up and had dinner together. My dish, a shrimp and fried rice one, turned out to be comprised of 98% rice and 2% shrimp. And it was a LOT of rice.

Most of us took leftovers home, as each dish was exceptionally large. It was pretty late, and we slowly winded down to our rooms.

Finally finished! This is incredibly late, but oh well, maybe I can catch to current date soon.

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