The Holidays

Everyone wants something for christmas. What I really want more in the whole wide world this christmas in the two Ahsoka Tano pop figures. I fyou don’t know who Ahsoka Tano is shame on you go watch star wars clone wars and rebels. Anyway there are two figures, her as a hologram and just her. Btw she is the best female jedi ( technally she’s not a jedi but whatever ) ever. anyway thats what I want for christmas. what do you want for christmas? ( or hanuka or quansa sorry if i spelled those wrong) comment what you want for christmas. also I wrote a babysitters things please read that if you haven’t and comment if you liked it or not because it was really fun to write and I wanna do another one. anyway thats all for now.

One thought on “The Holidays”

  1. i don’t really celebrate christmas but I love the movies, the foods, the overall atmosphere about christmas. I hope you get what you wished for christmas! 🙂

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