What You Don’t Want to Hear

I woke up very late today. I woke up with a deep depression and a sinking feeling like no other. Last night I spent trying to let go of everything that had been upsetting me. Especially the possibility of losing my job. Today I woke up to texts from the office manager in a panic. My boss / mother in law is selling her business to another doctor on Friday. I imagine that means I lose my job after that…. my wedding is in 40 days, and she knows that. 

SO I am very angry.

I also deeply regret getting engaged and planning this wedding. It’s an out of state destination wedding. If I knew that I’d be out of work before the wedding, I would have never planned it so far away or being so expensive. And now there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t even look for another job until it’s over. The worst 40 days of my life is about to take place. So thanks for ruining the wedding! And for making me realize I’m probably making a huge mistake marrying into this family. 

Day drinking is now optional.

One thought on “What You Don’t Want to Hear”

  1. If the company you are employed with sell out to another owner, maybe the new owner will still need you at that position? Any way you can avoid your Fiancee’s Mother and find out? As an employee you DO have the right to ask that. I would sit down with the boss and let them know I need to know if the new owner would need you to stay on? Otherwise you do have bills (mortgage) to pay and need to start looking. Plain and simple. If I were you I’d be mad too. More annoyed than anything else.

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