139 – holiday fun

My head is jumping all over the place. I went to complete new-hire paperwork for the school so I can sub teach. So I technically have 2 employers at this time.  My mind is on that.  Christmas. House. Kids. My health. Marriage. Oh and work. I really find no satisfaction in this place.  None whatsoever. What kind of a way to live is that?

We had the best family day on Sunday. We had a family picture taken. I always stress over this.  No matter how hard I try not to.  I was composed up until we were almost ready to leave then I lost it.  I apologized to H and the kids for that. But after that it was all good. Even the studio’s long delay didn’t get me rattled.  The kids were great about the whole thing. Pics came out great. Card is done too!  Now just to address and mail them.  After the pic we took the kids to McD’s for some grub.  They were so good about the pic that when they asked we didn’t hesitate to take them there.  Once home from the pics, changed our clothes and headed out to get a Christmas tree.  What a fun time we had! Went to a new small farm.  It was their first year open. The selection was not great, but we found a beautiful tree.  And the kids cut it down themselves! I couldn’t believe it!  They had a great time.  They took the little plastic sleds that they give you to haul your tree in and used it to haul each other around the field.  They so needed that.  I love when they are goofing around together like that.  Makes me so happy.  When we got home we put the tree in the stand and in its place in the living room. It looks great! Perfect size.  The cat had to check it out. His first Christmas tree.  He now has sap in his fur.

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