[142] ~*Tue – 12/12/17*~

[10:26 pm]

Meh! So I basically worked all day yesterday without a break since none of my clients cancelled and they took all their time. The store wasn’t too bad although it was a huge mess. We were actually done on time but of course the alarm had to give me a hard time so we got out of there it was almost 11 pm. I got home, watched a few shows and read until like 3 am.

Today I woke up at 11 am as I had my foot care at noon. Surprisingly it went well today as she didn’t do too much digging in my toe. It always feels so nice after going there as she cleans up my feet really good. Maybe I should think about going more often cause I never really realize how bad my feet is until I see it after she cleaned it. 

I stayed up until 3 pm, waiting for hub to get up so we could play our new game (he still doesn’t know I got one), he wasn’t getting up so I just went to bed. He got up around 4 pm but of course I then felt so tired that I stayed in bed until like 6 pm. We both spent our time on our PCs and that’s pretty much it. I kept wanting to show him I had gotten a Switch but on the other side, I felt so lazy that I just didn’t do it. I could still do it and we could play for an hour or two as I only work at 1 pm tomorrow but meh.

I kind of wanted to go to the zoo tonight as they have this thing where it’s all full of Christmas lights and it looks very pretty. I thought it could be something nice to do together as we don’t spend much time together but then I just didn’t felt like going out. It was also supposed to snow so I guess it’s not a good idea, just in case. 

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’m lame!




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