All good things….

Must come to and end. Is this getting close to the end? King has been more and more short with his little shit fits. I am a very outspoken person but tend to hold back with him. It seems that he can’t take any form of criticism yet has an endless supply fot those around him, including our children. Sunday was a normal day. He nit picks about everything. Kids shoes not lined up? No TV. Misses a toy part hiding under the bed? No TV. Toothpaste in the sink? No TV. He has the whole children should be seen but not heard. There is a little variation of it though. Children should only be seen whilst doing their seemingly endless chores. Not like they have anything hard…sometimes it’s just ridiculous. Move this pile of wood to this spot so they can stack a new pile there. Why? What is the point? Just because he fucking said so. Anyways…he is on the boys for something not being perfect. I left to go to the store just to come back to him on them about something else that wasn’t perfect. Mind you… boys are very well behaved, very respectful, clean, helpful…you name it. They are 10, 8, and 7. The age were kids should still be allowed to make mistakes….well, everyone should be allowed to from time to time. 

Well, I get out of the car to hear him on my youngest about tools and his stupid fucking line “See, this is why I can’t let you….(fill in the blank for that rant). I try to be nice and let you (do normal things other families do without it “being nice”..just normal family things). So I have had my daily limit with his bullshit and I ask him….not bitchy…not yelling, if there is anything the kids do that he can praise them for. 


Motherfucker….I didn’t ask for you to justify shit. I asked if you can dig deep down in you and find something fucking nice to say to ANYONE. Seriously…like even the dog is criticized on a regular for smelling, being a dipshit, being up your ass….whatever.

So King digs in his bag of buttons of mine that he likes to push and honestly his repertoire is minimal at best. Dig one…my fat ass does nothing but lay around all day. Dig two…I don’t clean EVER. Dig three….they are so fucking neglected by me due to my FB addiction. 

Then he proceeds to complain how I am never home, cleaning other peoples homes.  Thus making dig one and two invalid. 

Then he wanted a fucking gold star for giving the dog a scoop of food. Good job sparky. 

Now, my poor negelected family eats nothing but home cooked meals. I’m not talking precooked throw in the oven shit. I’m talking like 95% of what they eat is fresh, made from scratch food. I was sick last week and they wanted chinese food. I asked if I could get frozen beef broccoli and fried rice. You would think I asked if I could crack open a can of Alpo. 

As he is sitting there yelling about irrelevant things I camly look at him and say “You know…I could do better than you” I didn’t mean to but it came out. Like, I’m sure there are pleanty of guys who would be estatic their partner was capable of being a stay at home mom who has an income that pays ALL the household bills, keeps the house clean AND cooks delicious homemade meals daily. 

Now that is all he is obsessing on. I told him I could do better. Why haven’t I? Cause there is something about his sorry ass that I love. 

Long story short….I am wondering if the end is just around the corner. 

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