And Now I Write a Compelling Title Name…

Nothing like adding in an introduction at the end of writing an entire journal post. Also, hi! I haven’t decided if I want to say my name on the website yet but let’s go with J for now. Initials always work right? Anyway this is a very messes piece of writing just giving you the low down of my life at this moment in time… Here we go!

I’ve a very busy life at the moment and not a lot of personal time. I rarely have much time to myself because I’m constantly trying to see people. I’ve college five days a week and work at the weekend, among that I have friends, societies, my boyfriend and my family to see. It’s a bit chaotic and I’m trying to see a lot of people at the weekend with work, which is unbelievable difficult and slightly stressful. Work itself is an entirely different story! (I’m a waitress/ bartender)

I always feel selfish complaining about my life or anything in general because I have it better than let’s say 70-80% of the world probably! I’m in college, I’ve got a job, a home and a family. It’s just overwhelming sometimes and I only realize that as I sit down and relax on my day off.

I’m not a very emotional person and have been describe as quite calm in overwhelming situations, I’m level headed I guess. I also don’t like drama or being dramatic. I just want everything to go smoothly and happily along… just simply harmonious is my best description of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also very realistic, I know we all can’t be happy, but it’s wishful thinking on my part.

I feel like there’s no structure in my writing right now, but hopefully I can somehow change that. There was once a website called anonyme and it was amazing it was the first online community I was on, it was so helpful throughout my overly dramatic teenage years ( you know what I’m on about).

I’m going to stop talking now because I’m going to write a few separate pieces so I seem a bit more organised in the ole brain!

And that’s all for now folks,




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