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Today and the weekend just gone have been extremely festive! It was ruined a little by my mum and her usual bitter, hateful moods before she stormed off to Asdas like 45 minutes ago, but I won’t talk about that and how fucking angry and upset it’s made me 🙁

So on the weekend my mum and I went to the local garden centre to buy a tree and I hauled it round the shop in it’s trolley and put it in the car…so I tried really hard to help! I even offered to pay for the Christmas tree but my mum said no. I took the tree out the car and then cleaned the car up afterwards the best I could. Once all the lights were on the tree I helped put the other decorations on it. I helped my mum with all the other decorations too. It all looks really beautiful now and Harry loves it. He wakes up early in the morning and says the Spanish word for tree ‘Arbol, arbol!’ then he usually follows this up with ‘come on!’ He gets excited to go downstairs to see the tree 🙂

We got the tree on Saturday, on Sunday it began to snow but it was too wet to stick as it had been sleeting the night before. I went out twice in the snow to take some videos so I could send them to my aunt in Mexico via whatsapp. Harry didn’t seem overly excited about the snow but whenever he sees the white on the mountain by our house and all the frost on the pavements and walls he points and says “snowing!” 🙂 After taking the videos I decided to wrap Harry’s presents including the ones from my parents and my older sister. I am awful at wrapping but I did buy wrapping paper in Asdas a week or so again, I was determined I’d wrap the presents! It took me forever but the snow was falling and I could see from out the windows, especially the conservatory and I felt very festive! Wrapping presents whilst the snow was falling outside. It was the weekend where Harry spent six hours with Will both the Saturday & Sunday so that’s obviously why my mum and I decided to do the Christmas tree and decorate the house, while I took the opportunity to wrap Harry’s presents- I’m glad I did since it took a long time and I was terrible at it…but I managed it. Plus I managed to use the whole roll of wrapping paper, there was none left.


Today my mum and I took Harry to see Father Christmas again at our local garden centre. I booked and paid for tickets for him, myself and my mum online last week. It was actually extremely good, I was pleasantly surprised because for some reason I was feeling a lot of apprehension about taking Harry to see Santa today, since I booked the tickets last week I had been feeling extremely apprehensive about it. Harry had a good time I think! We first took a ‘train ride’ to ‘Candyland’ where Santa was supposed to be this year! I say ‘train ride’ because we were all taken to a room where on the inside was made to look like the inside of a train but the room was darkened and there was one of those massive screens that showed a video of your journey on the train, it was meant to make you feel like you were actually travelling on a train with the train moving along the track and owls flying past and deers on the side of the track, it was nice! The children were even given a glittery log because the train ‘runs out of fuel’ and they asked the children to put the glittery logs in the bucket to get the train moving again. When we got off the ‘train’ we walked to the next room through a corridor that rained down bubbles all over us so Harry got really excited then, he loves bubbles.

Next there was like a game where the elves had run out of ingredients to make all the gingerbread so we had to throw the ‘ingredients’ (they were coloured balls really) into different holes in the wall from a distance, it was like an aiming game! Once we all threw in enough balls the big light up meter which was red at first went green which meant the task was completed and there was enough ingredients lol. Harry was too little to get the balls in the holes, he’d try but obviously only being two and a half couldn’t and throw the balls far enough bless him, but he did try 🙂 I joined in and got a few balls in though 😉 I had to help because Harry couldn’t even bend down far enough to reach the balls to pick up and throw. Then in the next room there was another activity involving the coloured balls (ingredients!) and this time the elves called out the ingredients needed and how much and the children again had to throw in the correct amount of balls in a massive mixing bowl. The last ingredient was Christmas magic (which came in the form of jars of coloured glitter) which also had to be put in the bowl so I gave Harry a jar and lifted him up so he could shake the glitter into the mixing bowl and he did, aww!

The last thing we did before seeing Santa was sing a couple of Christmas songs. Each child was given a little instrument of jingly bells and they shook them as we all sang. Mrs. Claus (well dressed up!) opened the door and we could all sit around Santa and take turns to go up and talk to him and have our photos taken. Harry wouldn’t go up at first but went up a little later. He embarrassed me a bit! When Santa was talking to him Harry was so distracted (he is ALWAYS like this, he doesn’t listen ever!!) but he managed to say ‘car’ when Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas and then he was trying to point something out to Santa. In fairness the Santa was really good. Before Harry went up a little baby went up and Santa was allowed to hold her and the photo they got must have been so cute! Before saying goodbye to Santa he gave Harry a token which thankfully Harry took! Harry was also given a certificate from the elves saying all he had done to help them, a real gingerbread man that he helped the elves make and his train ticket which said ‘platform 9 and a bit’ they got some ideas from Harry Potter I see! The train was so cool it even had a ‘conductor’ speaking to all of us saying where we were and ooo look at the deer and the owls and things haha.

After saying goodbye and thanking Santa and having the photo taken we went through another fun corridor with dance music, disco lights and those weird mirrors! The mirrors almost made it hard to find your way back out as they created illusions of entrances where there wasn’t one, it was just the reflections from the mirrors! When Harry entered this ‘disco corridor’ he shouted ‘dance!’ We all went to a sort of shop thing afterwards where the children who had just come out of candyland could use the tokens Father Christmas had given them to get a free toy. There was a good selection to choose from actually, Harry had a hard time deciding between all the different vehicles there were! He wanted all the cars and bikes and things but eventually seemed to settle on a big truck thing with two quad bikes on board. My mum bought the photos including a keyring with the photo on it and thankfully the photo turned out really nice! (Photo below!!) We took Harry home afterwards because he was getting restless as he wanted the truck out of it’s box as soon as he laid eyes on it. I was impressed by today, it was a very good experience although it was fucking freezing most of the time, except for where Santa was as he had a fan heater there in that room with him!! It was lovely to get home and warm up. I let Harry have his gingerbread but he only ate the head before saying ‘no, mummy’ and so I ate it :p

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