Christmas preparations

I have been reading occasionally but I admit I haven’t been on here as often as I used to be. Been so busy with everything, Mya has so many things going on at the moment!

 Saturday I get to watch her in her first nativity play at the nursery .. she is playing an angel 😇 I can’t wait to see her. We have been reading the story of the nativity at bedtime so she understands what Christmas is all about. But I have also been doing the elf on the shelf.. hers is a cute cuddly elf ( I find the other ones a bit creepy!) and she loves seeing what he’s been up to.. tonight he is playing dress up with her Barbie dresses 😂this time of year is so magical when you have a child, and now mya is 3 she is really getting excited! Her list of things she is asking for is a barbie, a gun that shoots marshmallows and some frozen bubble bath ❤️

 I myself haven’t been well, I had a chest infection and tonsillitis last week but luckily a week of antibiotics and it’s much better. I have been reading a lot. Currently reading the wimpy kid books, I know I’m an adult but they are so funny I don’t care😂

 I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season so far xx

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  1. I will be sure to post a picture of her on Saturday! I’m much much better now thank you, and I hope you are feeling much better too! These winter bugs are horrible.
    I’m so happy another adult likes those books! I feel childish reading them but they are so so funny! My husband got me a set of them for my birthday in November, I’m on old school now, they just make me laugh so much! I liked the most recent film too, haven’t seen the others yet. Merry Christmas to you too I hope you have a fabulous time celebrating xx

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