Day 5: Honeymoon in Chile

Today started with a quick breakfast at Hostel Melmac before heading out to grab a very cheap rental car.  Getting a rental car was the best move that we made on this trip!  You can get a rental car for a full day for only $35.00 a day.  Most definitely worth it to spread your wings and get out on your own.  After this our plan was to head to rent mountain bikes from La Comarca Puelo Adventure. 

We went and talked with the owner and he was extremely helpful and gave us multiple rides to choose from.  One was up to a summit called Paso Desolacion which is about half way up to the summit of Volcano Osorno.  It was a 12km hike a bike to the top with some extremely steep grades but the views of the lake Lago Todos los Santos were more than worth the hike alone.  Volcano Osorno erupted in 2015 and ever since then the trail has been very difficult to ride because of volcanic dust and sand.  The trek to the top was extremely physically challenging.  We made it 10km up and were running short on food and water and had to turn back.  The last 2km to finish the 12km summit was fairly flat but we were also working on loosing daylight fast too.  Once we refuled and turned to make the big bomb down to the bottom the deep sand and ash was still rather difficult to manage on a bike but we made it down in about a ¼ of the time it took us to get to the top.  This was some of the most epic mountain biking and views I have ever seen!          

              Once back to the car we slammed a bunch of water then dunked our head in the cold lake water of  Lago Todos las Santos.  We then loaded everything back up in the small rental car and started our way back to Puerto Varas.  We enjoyed a great meal at a restaurant right beside Hostel Melmac called Las Buenas Brasas.  They have a great menu with amazing steaks and seafood.  They have an outstanding wine list as well.

              Tomorrow we plan to hit another mountain bike trail while we still have the bikes and who knows where the day will take us after that!  Chao!!!

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