This is going to be deep…

So Saturday me my mom and my brother and sister got into it. When I say got into it i mean shit got real, real fast. My sister ran away and then came back and got into it with my mom again. Then me and my brother started fighting with our mom because i told her to go somewhere else with the screaming because i was trying to watch a football game… I didn’t get to finish watching that damn game. But anyways so then mom started screaming at me and my brother and brought up shit that she shouldn’t have brought up. My brother ended up leaving/running away he head butted the door and made two holes in the door. Mom ran out and hasn’t been back since THAT HAPPENED ON FUCKING SATURDAY today is freaking Tuesday!!!! Yesterday was my birthday and i didn’t get shit and i didn’t see her i didn’t get a message but she did text me the night before but still. It still really hurt me and she left her three kids by themselves WE DON’T HAVE ANYONE BUT US. I’m trying to just focus on other stuff and then also i lost my virginity of Saturday night when my sister left and my mom left 🙂 lol but i’ll tell that story on another day     

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  1. Hi, please feel free to check out my journals to see how I learned to cope with this kind of problem.

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