Why I Write

I’m going to start this post by apologizing for the mess of my first post. My head was all over the place, so now it’s time I organised it a little! There’s a good few things I’d like to talk about or discuss, there’s just a lot of info in my head and it needs to be cleared. Writing has always helped me do just that!

I was never an A student in English, but I was a B student I’ll give myself credit for that! I always like reading too but I haven’t read in quite a while now which is upsetting that I don’t give myself reading time anymore. If not reading than maybe writing, I used to be in such a habit to write I’d do it nearly everyday to clear my head! I liked English class too, was it my favourite class? No, because art was and still is, but they are very similar in ways. 

My imagination has always been wonderful. I was an only child but I enjoyed my own company a lot. I had barbie dolls and littlest pet shop toys and I’d make up extremely complicated plots. The characters stories would intertwine and there would be huge plot twists. I just got a little bit emotional writing that, whether it was from nostalgia or realizing how much my childhood shaped me into a film fanatic.

Anyway, I loved making up stories and in English that was the one thing I flourished in. I wasn’t amazing with words and dialogue when I was forced to write it, but the ideas in my head were extravagant and probably a little crazy. I wrote one story when I was fifteen I think and my English teacher liked it so much she read it out to the class! I was very proud of myself and I still love the story, I would love to make a short film out of it someday.

Even writing right now, it feels amazing although it’s not me writing about stories, I’m talking about me, which is something I don’t do too often. I said in my last post about anonyme which was an anonymous website just like this one. I was shut down last year and I was very sad even though I hadn’t used it in at least a year. They made an app instead but I much rather type on a laptop than on my phone. On this website I wrote constantly at the age of 15-17. I wrote about my life, my drama and a few little articles I guess you could call them! I’ve looked back on them with awe and a little cringe but overall happy that I had that experience and I wrote about it. I used to interact with others and give them advice and they’d do the same with me. It was great for a teenager who does not want to talk emotions face-to-face with anyone! 

So here I am back again, a little bit more experienced and a lot happier. Just here to write and chat with whoever’s out there. I just want to block out the world and sit listening to concentration music on Spotify and think to myself while I write. I’m hoping someday I’ll be able to look back on these posts and maybe giggle or rethink memories that I’ve forgotten. It’s a nice way to keep your thoughts!

And that’s all for now folks again,

Au Revoir,


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