[143] ~*Wed – 12/13/17*~

[9:48 pm]

I annoy myself as I can’t stop looking at the time, I just can’t. I always end up looking when I have like two hours left to sleep and then I can’t seem to fall back asleep. I always try to wake up with enough time to get ready and all but I always end up pushing my alarm 15 mins and then another 15 mins. Blah! I should put my phone at the other end of the darn bedroom to make sure I stop looking at the time.

Anyways, today was an okay day but I’m still coughing and it’s getting quite annoying. I wonder when I’ll stop. Better be soon.

I’m disappointing in myself, I haven’t told hub that we have a Switch yet. I had planned on playing last night since we didn’t last week but of course I didn’t even mention it. I just didn’t feel like playing. That said, I have no darn clue when we’ll be playing.

I’m wondering if I should go to mom’s next Mon as I think I’m not working at the store. Only thing, I need to take my car to the garage Tue so I can’t go with my car and hub will still be working so I can’t take his. Unless my friend takes her car but I’m not sure if she wants to drive that far with her car. I guess I can always ask her and see. I can also not really make plans too far ahead as I don’t know how’s the weather will be.




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