And The Doctor Says…

About three days before Thanksgiving, I fell very hard on the pavement while walking my dog. She got scared as I was falling forward and pulled, dragging me to the ground and a little bit down the street. I had wicked road rash and a whole lot of pain. 

Recently, my arm has been killing me. I had to suck it up and go see the doctor, something I very rarely do unless I am in unbearable pain. Not sure if it’s a positive or not, but ever since my Cancer 8 years ago, my threshold for pain has been very high. 

He said it’s not fractured, as the recent swelling to twice it’s size leads me to believe. He said the bone is bruised for sure, and you probably have a very bad sprain. If it is broken, it’s a hairline fracture, and very very small. He said to treat it like it’s broken, here’s what you need, hopefully by the wedding road trip, you’ll be much more functional. Here’s hoping!

So for now, I am taking a step back from all things that require me to type. Good luck Me! Since everything I do for a living requires typing! 

So I am going to try and figure out what to do with myself for the rest of the day. Rest and try and keep it calm and relaxed, I guess.


3 thoughts on “And The Doctor Says…”

  1. Hey girl…. My 90 pound dog pulled me and I messed up my elbow it healed and fine now but at least I didn’t get dragged. I’m so sorry to hear about these aches at your young age. Would an ice pack help swelling and inflammation? Listen to instrumental Christmas songs for mood enhancement xoxo

  2. Well aren’t you delightful! My young age of…. almost 40. 😀 Molly is only 60 pounds but I am totally hearing that! I just bought a jacket to go with my wedding dress, as it already left a scar on my elbow. But hey, now I know how to use the voice commands on my phone! And it wasn’t broken, so I’ll take it! Ice pack yes! On it. Christmas music, I am about to be on it! Thank you! Hope you’re having a better trip!

  3. Almost 40? I’ll trade age with you if you rather be 51? I’m so happy for you I can hear the glee in your words /insert happy face

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