Day 6: Honeymoon in Chile

Today was a bit of a layover day, but first we wanted to get in one last mountain bike ride before we had to return the rentals.  We were recommended to ride at their local cross county trails called the Condominio Las Tranqueras trails. 

              These trails were only 6 Kilometers long and we were ok with that because they were quite technical, almost unrideable in spots, and we were pretty beat from our big day before.  After we finished up this quick ride we took the bikes back, returned the rental and had to get checked out of our Hostel for our next amazing place to stay!  Once we were checked out we had a very tasty breakfast at Daruma Tea House in Puerto Veras, the eggs benedict is amazing!  Daruma has become a go to spot for us here in Puerto Varas.  After Breakfast we decided to get another rental car but for a few days this time since they are so cheap and helpful.  We then made our way to a Cabana for us to stay in for the next couple of nights called (must look up name).  This place is very comfy and cozy and has a great view of Volcano Osorno.  It also has llama’s that run around that Sherry thoroughly enjoys taking pictures of.

              After we checked in and got settled we set off for our authentic Chilean cooking class that we had already shecduled.  This was one of the coolest things we have done on our trip so far.  The name of the class is Cooking Roots,, and the owners/chefs are Andres and Maite.  They were young, energetic, and had a beautiful home and baby boy Max.  The menu they had set up to teach us to fix was all authenitic Chilean dishes.  The appetizer was an amazing crab pie, for the entrée we fixed a salmon stuffed and wrapped in philo, and dessert was Manjar (toffee) volcano.  Andres, Maite, and Max were all very hospitable, it was like having dinner with friends that we have known for years.  We highly recommend checking this out!

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